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Crazy Coin Flip Live Games at 747LIVE Casino, take your gameplay to the next level with our free guided strategies to master the game.

Crazy Coin Flip Live Games at 747LIVE Casino, take your gameplay to the next level with our free guided strategies to master the game. Let’s dive into our comprehensive guide to Crazy Coin Flip as we take a closer look at the exciting world of this unique game that combines the excitement of online slots with the excitement of a live dealer feature.

Crazy Coin Flip is a game inspired by Evolution’s Crazy Time, offering an innovative fusion of gaming experiences. In this guide, we’ll explore the game’s stages, key features, and strategies to help you maximize your chances of winning big.

Join us on this exciting journey to uncover the secrets of crazy coin tossing.

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How to play Crazy Coin Flip

To play Coin Flip Madness, you should include qualifying rounds, top-up rounds, coin flip bonus rounds, and main features. See our guide below to learn how to play Crazy Coin Flip!

1. Qualifying Round

  • This stage takes place on a traditional 5×3 slot machine with 3 fixed paylines.

  • Match symbols along these paylines from the leftmost reel to the right to win.

  • The goal of this stage is to get three coin flip scatter symbols to qualify for the next round.

2. Stored Value Wheel

  • During the top-up phase, you will play a classic 3×3 slot machine with a winning line in the middle.

  • The reels in this stage feature red and blue coin symbols, with multipliers ranging from x1 to x50 for each symbol.

  • You can choose to use more credits for your spins, and higher bets result in higher multiplier values.

  • This is a time-sensitive round and the time allowed depends on when you qualify on the live coin toss schedule.

  • Matching three coins of the same color along a winning line will add their total value to the corresponding red or blue recharge meter.

coin flip bonus wheel

  • The coin flip bonus round is the final stage where the real excitement happens.

  • Begin by randomly assigning multipliers from 5x to 100x your bet to the blue and red sides of the coin.

  • Any multipliers gained from the recharge round will be applied before the host tosses the coin to determine your final multiplier.

  • For example, an initial 1 point bet plus a x10 recharge multiplier plus a x10 coin flip will pay out an impressive 100x your stake.

4. Key Features

Crazy Coin Flip Live Casino offers several key features that make it a must-try for slot enthusiasts and live casino players:

  • Two Different Game Stages: With its online slots and coin flip bonus wheel, Coin Flip Madness offers a unique gaming experience.

  • Three Spin Modes: The slot stage offers three spin modes, each of which increases your chances of winning.

  • Dedicated Live Studio: The game is hosted in a dedicated on-site studio inspired by Evolution’s Crazy Time, adding to the excitement.

  • ATTRACTS A WIDE AUDIENCE: Whether you’re a fan of slot games or live casino games, Crazy Coin Flip has something for everyone.

  • Multiplayer-based: The game features multiplayer, with payouts increasing exponentially.

  • Consistent Returns: With an RTP of 96.05% across all stages, Crazy Coin Flip offers relatively stable returns.

Tips and Tricks for Winning a Crazy Coin Flip

You can win at Crazy Coin Flip by following these simple 5 tips, which include betting wisely, choosing your qualifying bets, top-up phase strategy, scatter multipliers and timing issues.

  • Bet Smart – Consider your total stake (including top-up phases) and decide how much you want to invest in each round of play.

  • Choose your qualifying stakes – Depending on your deposit phase strategy, decide whether to use a high stake or a low stake during the qualifying phase.

  • Top-Up Phase Strategy – Your top-up phase strategy may affect your qualifying bets. Think carefully about your betting approach.

  • Scatter Multiplier – Pay attention to the Scatter Multiplier. You can play the game strategically if you have an active scatter multiplier on the last coin flip.

  • Timing is Important – In Coin Flip Crazy, timing is of the essence. Act wisely and consider the schedule for the live coin toss.

Best Casinos to Play Crazy Coin Flip

The best casino to play Crazy Coin Flip is 747LIVE. If you’re ready for a crazy coin tossing adventure, we recommend giving it a try: 747LIVE Casino. This reputable online casino provides an ideal platform to enjoy Crazy Coin Flip and other exciting games.

747LIVE Casino has a welcoming atmosphere and a wide selection of games to ensure you have a great gaming experience. Good luck and may the coin flip in your favor!


Crazy Coin Flip is an innovative live casino game from Evolution that combines online slot elements with live dealer features to provide a unique gaming experience.

The game has an RTP of 96.05%, stakes range from ₱0.10 to ₱2,000, and the top prize is 2,000 times your stake.

To qualify for the next round, you need to flip three coins during the qualifying round to flip the scatter symbol.

During the top-up phase, you can increase your potential winnings by spinning the 3×3 slot with red and blue coin symbols (each symbol has a multiplier).

While this is a game of chance, you can enhance your gameplay by betting wisely, betting with your qualifications in mind, and paying attention to the scatter multipliers.

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